I’ve decided to call him Jason Jones.

I’ve been putting together a story in my head for quite some time.  And while I am a published writer, I am not a novelist (yet).  I have written for  SportsPageMagazine.com, Life in Altamonte Springs City Magazine, Maggie Mae Magazine, Central Florida Lifestyle Publications and for the completion of my Master’s degree but those endeavors pale in comparison to writing a novel.

I am a storyteller.  I enjoy telling a story – whether in print or aloud – because I like to entertain and move my audience.  I don’t think of myself as a rabble-rouser or a profoundly deep thinker.  I am not particularly intelligent nor spiritual.  I am just a storyteller.

The story that is rolling around in my head and has been for about a year now, wants out.  I am hoping this blog will give me a leg-up on the completion of my first novel.

Writing is a kind of workout for me, not unlike running, or lifting or yoga.  And just like those activities, I am not successful unless I make them part of my daily routine.

So this blog must become the trip to the  “gym” for my brain.  I must come here regularly, and use my time wisely.  I need not spend hours on this blog, no more than every exercise session must be lengthy in order to be effective.  But I must commit.  So this is me, committed.

Which almost brings me to Jason Jones.

Although I have entertained a vague notion of becoming a published novelist for quite some time, the specific storyline began to congeal last fall.  Earlier in 2011, I checked out The Old Man and the Sea from my local library.  I first went looking for it in the bookstacks and was initially disappointed when I couldn’t find it.  I inquired at the front desk and they assured me they had at least two copies and according to their records both were in the building.  The kind library attendant walked with me and led me to the Young Adult section and sure enough there were the two copies.  I hadn’t found them because it never occurred to me to it would be shelved in the YA area.

So while I enjoyed my leisurely visit to Cuba with Hemingway, I also continued to marvel at the notion of YA novels.  The term is not foreign to me, but I had never given it much consideration – perhaps because I haven’t been a Young Adult for so very many years.

I stopped to consider what I read when I was a young adult.  You can quiz me but I am pretty sure I can answer any question about Nancy Drew.  I am not certain how many books comprise the Nancy Drew series but if it is 80 bajillion, I am confident I read them all.

Nancy, Bess and George were loads of fun but I yearned for something more.  I was head over heels in love with sports as a teen and longed to read about other girls who were just like me (or I like them).  I searched but only ever found one solitary book, A Girl Called Hank by Amelia Elizabeth Walden. As might be expected given the times, Hank (Henrietta) was an excellent baller but the book closed with her focused on her prom date with the editor of the High School paper and where that might lead.  Basketball, which had been her great joy, became nothing more than a sidebar as she evolved into a young woman focused on husband and family.  A fun read but ultimately unsatisfying in ways I didn’t understand at the time.

So my quest continued and I read about Babe Didrikson Zaharias and quickly segued to Amelia Earhart and any other female I could relate to on any level.  My chosen heroes needed to be athletic and adventurous.

Which brings me back to Jason Jones. Sort of.

My plan is to workout (blog) every day, or at least 5 days a week.  While I can’t promise a streamlined and readily identifiable topic for my blog, I can promise that it is part of the master plan to prepare me for writing and publishing a moving and effective, commercially viable, novel.  Practice, practice, practice makes perfect.  Maybe.

I’ve decided to call him Jason Jones.  That is the name I’ll bestow on the most notorious bad guy in my first novel.  Because Jason Jones, as it happens, is a member of local law enforcement who pulled me over and wrote me a ticket last week.

Hell hath no fury like a female lawbreaker with a blog and a novel that needs telling.