He saw them approaching the crosswalk and he sneered.  The gimp with the dog was not going get him to tap the brakes much less stop so they could cross.   In fact, he sped up just a bit to make sure his left front tire caught the puddle in the road at the same time they closed to the curb.  He watched the spray surprise and soil the two of them and he laughed.

The parking lot was nearly full but he managed to find one last spot.  And it was perhaps the perfect spot, with hot Ms. Speer’s blue Civic on the left and dweeb Mr. Dano’s Kia on the other.  He carefully gauged the space and pulled in so that Dano only had about six inches left to open his driver’s side door.  Ms. Speer, on the other hand, was given sufficient ingress to build an interstate if she so desired.

This diabolical parking job served two equally important purposes.  First, anything he could do to get on Dano’s nerves he absolutely would do.  The guy constantly interfered with his team and his life.  He could manage his team just fine and didn’t need Dano poking around in grades, and attendance and college prep work.

Hot Ms. “call me Trish” Speer usually headed out to her car about the same time most afternoons.  And if he planned practice just right and if nobody screwed up, he would be exiting the building at exactly the same time.  Oh yeah, he had it all planned.  He was wearing his tightest tshirt – the one that showed his bulging pectorals – which would surely be a turn on.

He sat in his car for a moment and marveled at how well his plan was coming together but the clock was closing in on 3pm so he needed to get inside to the gym.  In a mere two short hours he would be back out here, strolling across the parking lot with Trish, and then he would ask her if she would like to grab a glass of wine.  He was a beer drinker, but he expected a woman as refined as Trish would surely prefer wine so he would pretend that was his preference as well.  And he was so confident in his charm and good looks, he just knew that if Trish spent even 15 minutes with him alone, she would be under his spell forever.  He just did that to girls.

So with a perfect plan in place and his confidence brimming, he exited his car and began to stride confidently across the parking lot, careful to avoid the one puddle left after the earlier rain shower.  But with one herky-jerky motion something caught his foot and sent him careening straight into the small, steamy pond.

His right knee struck the asphalt first and the force of the fall pushed the nasty spray forward.  He managed to absorb most of the filthy leavings with the tight tshirt before his chest even hit the pavement.

He was as nasty as he was embarrassed when he looked back to see who had tripped him.  It was then that he noticed.Image

His shoe was untied.