downloadWhether it is that chinless wonder in Syria who gassed his own people recently or the small-minded manager in a nearby district who appropriated my direct report, middle-aged white guys rule the world.  That is not necessarily a revelation.  Rather it serves as a lament.

And maybe even a theme for my day today.   Stand by while I pull out my soapbox.

First, today’s work debacle.  A manager from a nearby district instructed my direct report to send me an email, copying him, to let me know she would be unavailable to do most of her regular duties, i.e. the duties I manage, because she would be helping out in all other departments in his district.  I had already surmised that this was happening since she had not met her quotas for the past two weeks.  So today’s missive was tardy at best.

Additionally, one could argue that there was a far more appropriate, professional, adult way to handle this but that would have required an actual conversation between the neanderthal manager and me.  Instead, he opted to use my direct report as his human shield and his sabre.

Pansy ass coward.

He metaphorically whipped out his penis and shook it at me, daring me to show him mine just to prove his is bigger.   Really.  Isn’t that what this is all about?  And it is just so ignorant.  I don’t have a real penis and any metaphorical penis I might have is admittedly much smaller.  I manage a department while he manages a division. So he employed his food taster (my direct report) to be his mouthpiece.

My initial reaction was anger and I penned response after response that I was smart enough not to send.  After thinking about it for 20 minutes, I came to the conclusion I wouldn’t respond at all.  The email wasn’t a question so there was no answer required.  And in a small, simple way, I found no response at all to be the most gratifying thing I could do.  He doesn’t get to see my teeny, weeny peeny today.  Or any other day.

And now I move on to the chinless wonder in Syria.  It is likely that the US and her allies will step in and do something quite soon. It will be swift, severe and violent and more lives will be lost.  All the while, China and Russia are issuing strongly worded warnings about dire consequences if we move without trying to work through the UN.

I know almost nothing about international diplomacy, but I do know middle-aged white guys rule the world.  Whether it is Putin, or Xi Jinping, or Bashar al-Assad, I suspect it all boils down to the lineup at the urinal.