• Tuesday Oct015 update:. I am already sick of pink and I was only diagnosed a few days ago.  Maybe someday soon I will embrace it but for now it feels more like a scarlet letter than a sorority solidarity color.  Visited the oncologist today just for a consult.  She inspired great confidence and comfort and that is a wonderful feeling.  Among other things I asked her if I had to have reconstruction and her answer was a fabulous gift.  Essentially she told me I didn’t have to do anything that I didn’t want to do – even if that meant going breastless.  So maybe I just opt out of reconstruction.  I am 56, have no one that sees me naked (except physician) and I like to play golf.  As I see it, getting rid of lucy and rita might improve my golf swing.  So I will ponder that for a few days.  

I log onto my insurance provider web site each day and watch as claims roll in and get tallied.  And while this is an exaggeration, it always appears to me that a health provider charges $8million for something, then the insurance provider provides the “in network discount of $7.95million, and after deducting my co-pay, the balance is $00.00.   So I am so grateful for insurance but so perplexed by how all this adds up.