downloadJust watched a brilliant piece on CBS Sunday Morning about resilience so I couldn’t help but relate the info to my current situation.  Why are some people so effective at bouncing back from difficulties?  Studies indicated that resilience was most likely when the person experiencing hard times had a strong support system.

I feel fortunate in that I have two sisters that will hover like helicopters, a mother who will nag them to continue doing that even when I ask them to give me some space, a brother-in-law whose cancer battle will serve as a beacon, a nurse friend, a doctor friend and an employer that appears fully willing to allow me to do whatever I need to do to fight this breast beast.

When first diagnosed I was scared.  And I still am.  And a little angry – a lot angry.  But at no point have I been depressed.  I expect to get “down” now and again, as any struggle warrants a momentary low feeling.  But the only way I know to play this is to treat it like an opponent.  I will try to educate myself and maybe outsmart cancer.  I will hope to use my guile and gain an advantage.  I will harness my fear and anger and channel that into positive energy and action.  And I will continue to draw from the strength of this online community.

So thanks to all who share your battles, your scars, your hopes and despair.   Thanks for sharing your shopping lists, your sources, and your mistakes.  Thanks for sharing your setbacks, your amended plans and your new found vigor.  You are the final peg in my support structure.

I will be the competitor and all of you are now on my cheer squad.  Sis Boom Bah!