So instead of using lovely, descriptive terms I will just be crude and say I feel like I am caught in a shit-nado right now.

Preparing for additional surgery on Tuesday to get what I hope are the last of the cancer-infested lymph nodes out of my body.  Chemo starts in mid-December so I should be bald by Christmas.  I am still debating about a wig.  I love baseball caps and have about a million.  I don’t ever buy souvenir T-shirts.  Instead I buy ball caps.  So maybe I will forego that wig and just wear hats.

As if there weren’t enough crap swirling about, my 82 year old mother fell at home last Saturday and broke her arm.  She already sufferers from a variety of ailments including COPD.  She is in hospital and is struggling with hydration issues as well as breathing and congestion.  Not sure she isn’t just tired of the fight.   My sister is my mother’s primary caretaker and she is with her around the clock.

Picked up the cremated remains of my sweet little black kitty cat yesterday.  She and other now departed furry companions that have graced my life will ultimately be poured into concrete along with me and we will become a haven for the fishies in the ocean as part of an eternal reef (

Shit-nado.  Let me know if you can thing of something better to call it.