My hair fell out on  Dec 29th.  Had my final chemo on March 21.  Hair has returned bit by bit.  These are exciting times!  I will need a haircut soon – well a trim anyway.

In my pre-cancer life, I  had short hair for a very long time and I  paid to have highlights for a very long time. Highlights, cut and tip runs about $100.

I am not really sure what color to call my new hair.   Maybe it is grey but because it is so short it kind of appears to be the exact same color as the highlights I used to pay dearly for.  So if I it stays this color or mix of colors I won’t have to pay for those awful chemicals.  Sweet! Who knew cancer could provide such a bonus.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and mentioned that maybe in 30 years we will look back at typical cancer treatments of this era and laugh at how we had to ingest poison (chemo cocktails) in order to get cured.  Maybe it won’t take 30 years.  Or maybe we won’t ever say that.

Either way, I just roll on.  Like deodorant.