15 working days until I head to the beach for some R&R with family.  Passing through 3 Florida counties will not require a passport but will provide good times!

While we prefer the west coast of Florida, it is just abundantly easier to get to the east coast so we have opted to rent a condo in Flagler Beach.  We can be there in about an hour so it is quite convenient and easy.

I get antsy if I don’t have an adventure planned.  Despite my health issues and accompanying financial woe$, I just couldn’t imagine not going ANYWHERE in 2014.  I love to make packing lists, then revise them, then revise them again and hone and whittle and sharpen and…well, you get my drift.  Honestly, planning is as exciting as going.

Wanderlust is just my nature.  Anyone can work hard to conceal or control their basic nature but I don’t know that it can be changed.  So I hope cancer goes away and stays away.  I hope (and expect) to get all these bills paid quite soon.  Then I hope to get back to daydreaming and bucket list planning and experiencing the joy of discovery that makes me so happy.

I need to visit places like Cooperstown, Cumberland Island, Italy, Washington D.C., Bay of Fundy, and Yellowstone just to name a few.   FlaglerBeach   But I will start with Flagler Beach.