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IndyThis was not a miracle and my name is not “Virgin Mary”.  I added a kitten to my household yesterday.  Indy is my new kitten’s name.  Indy is short for Independence since he was born on the 4th of July.  I have sung Yankee Doodle Dandy to him so many times we are both sick of that song.  

I have an adult female named CraCra (so named because she is certifiably crazy) and so far she is interested but a wee bit standoffish.  That is so much better than angry and aggressive so I am grateful.

Indy is into everything as might be expected of an 8-week-old kitten but falls asleep in about 10 seconds regardless of where he is or what he is doing.   Sleep, play, pee/poop, eat and repeat.  His is a good life!

Just returned from a week at the beach with family.  We had good – actually great – weather and an all around great time.  Flagler Beach has no franchise restaurants so every eatery is funky cool and has some really creative menu items.  On the whole, Flagler Beach is considerably less expensive than Captiva Island which is another family favorite.  

So if anyone reads this feel free to share your favorite vacation spot or perhaps someplace you would like to visit it possible.  

Oh and here is a photo of CraCra investigating our newest family member





Today is the big day!  Well, it is one of the big days anyway.  One of my dearest friends is getting married.  The wedding is at 6pm tonight just a few clicks up the road from my house.  When she first told me the date I remember worrying that a hurricane might interrupt the service but as it turns out, this hurricane season in Florida has been uneventful.  No, tonight we will be worried about sweat rings and heat stroke.  Fall in Florida is wonderful, but we are experiencing record high temps so it will likely be about 85-88 for the outside ceremony.  Fortunately for all, the ceremony is only about 15  minutes long and then we all move inside to drinks and dinner.  Image

I mention my good friend because she is certainly going to show up in future posts.  She has just completed degree requirements for her RN and will be working in a hospital soon.  This is her second degree having spent the last  10 years as a fitness trainer/director which is how we became acquainted.   During her 10 year fitness career she got certified as a post-mastectomy training and development specialist.  Her training was extensive, expensive and specific.  So despite this bitch of a diagnosis I have a very specific kind of support that most don’t.  Lucky unlucky me!

Oh, and moving forward I will also have increased police protection as my pal is marrying a member of local law enforcement.  So even luckier unlucky me.

While it will be unseasonably hot this early evening, I am hoping the humidity will be low or non-existent.   Or maybe since we will be in a courtyard, we will be shielded from the sun but in full view of the beautiful Hunter’s moon expected in early evening.

Regardless of environmental factors, I am very much looking forward to tonight’s festivities. It will serve as both hello to a newly married couple and adios to the evil twins that occupy my chest.  This will be their last formal appearance so they better live it up!  They may have a sip of champagne or two after this swan song.

Speaking of swans, at about 10pm last night there was a large “boom” outside.  It was so startling that  my cat came ducking through her little pet pass-through and sought refuge under the sofa.  I jumped up and stepped out to the patio to see what was up and nothing was up except that beautiful moon.  No smoke, no fire, nothing.  But something caught my eye about 50ft away as it landed on a nearby rooftop.  From my 3rd floor patio, we were about eye level but I couldn’t really make out what it was.  

So I just stood there.  And I was rewarded with one of those glorious moments in nature that is as spectacular as it is serendipitous.  The thing that had caught my eye suddenly took flight swooping right in front of me on her way to another nearby rooftop perch.  It was an owl.  A VERY LARGE OWL whose graceful swooping I could see and hear.  It only took a couple of flaps to cross from one perch to the other, but those huge wings made an audible whooshing sound as the nocturnal predator crossed just a few feet in front of me.  A special moment for sure.  

I want more of those moments.  Lots more.

I still have cancer and I still plan to kick cancer’s ass.



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