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IndyThis was not a miracle and my name is not “Virgin Mary”.  I added a kitten to my household yesterday.  Indy is my new kitten’s name.  Indy is short for Independence since he was born on the 4th of July.  I have sung Yankee Doodle Dandy to him so many times we are both sick of that song.  

I have an adult female named CraCra (so named because she is certifiably crazy) and so far she is interested but a wee bit standoffish.  That is so much better than angry and aggressive so I am grateful.

Indy is into everything as might be expected of an 8-week-old kitten but falls asleep in about 10 seconds regardless of where he is or what he is doing.   Sleep, play, pee/poop, eat and repeat.  His is a good life!

Just returned from a week at the beach with family.  We had good – actually great – weather and an all around great time.  Flagler Beach has no franchise restaurants so every eatery is funky cool and has some really creative menu items.  On the whole, Flagler Beach is considerably less expensive than Captiva Island which is another family favorite.  

So if anyone reads this feel free to share your favorite vacation spot or perhaps someplace you would like to visit it possible.  

Oh and here is a photo of CraCra investigating our newest family member





I am a Floridian and yesterday is the first time in what seems like years (but is actually just months) that my air conditioner barely woke up.  It was a gloriously overcast day with intermittent rain and temps stayed in the 80s so that shiny, new box of cool comfort had an easy day.

One of the challenges of living in Florida, in addition to alligators, constrictors, hurricanes and lightning, is the relentless heat and humidity.  So yesterday qualified as a pretty comfortable day.  I did not acquire armpit sweat rings in the 20 yard walk to my car at lunch and that is cause for celebration!

Autumn in Florida does not necessarily bring this:



Instead we just get more of this:



But as long as the alligators, constrictors, hurricanes and lightning stay away, my air conditioner and I will be very happy indeed.

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