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So I guess this must be the easy part.  The surgery to remove both breasts and a couple of nodes occurred early Tuesday.  I am already showering, changing my own dressings, dumping grenades, and off pain meds.  My situation is slightly different from most because I elected not to have reconstruction.  I’m 56, single and just made the decision to forego adding breasts back into the mix.  So I don’t have spacers or anything else in there, other than drains.  All is well.

Daily nurse visit has been excellent.  She checks my vitals and dressings and drains and teaches me the things I need to know in order to take care of myself.  My sisters and friends have been beyond believable and I am more grateful than I can convey.  

Monday prior to surgery was excruciating but by Tuesday morning I was feeling calm and peaceful and relieved that surgery was the next step. 

Now, I have follow ups and visit with oncologist to determine proper course of action.  Already knew I would be radiated but may need chemo as well.  Maybe this is when the hard part kicks in.

It is my nature to fight.  So cancer, beware.Image

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